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Welcome to the Riddick Icons community.

The rules:

  1. Only icons from the Riddick universe are permitted here. That means that icons of Riddick, Vaako, Dame Vaako, Jack, the creatures from Pitch Black, etc are all permitted, but icons of Eomer are not.
  2. If posting more than three icons, please put them behind a cut tag.
  3. Shipper and slash icons are welcome here, but please post them all behind a cut tag.
  4. Spoilery icons for future releases in the Riddick universe HAVE to go behind a cut tag.
  5. No flaming. It will get you banned.
  6. Credit the icon makers! Or if they ask for comments -- give them.
  7. All posts are moderated for one reason: when posting make sure you list in the subject line of your post who/what the icons are of. This is to make it easier for people surfing the calendar to find what they want.
  8. All questions/concerns can be directed to your community moderator star_dragon.


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